Upperhand Gin

Upperhand Gin Company Profile

Launched in 2019, Upperhand Gin’s name is inspired by its Italian founder’s achievement of defying the odds to become a professional athlete. The team behind the brand are Italian judo champion Bert, who has now moved to Scotland to start this new venture, and his wife, a descendant of the Lafferty family originally from Donegal in the Northwest of Ireland who moved to Scotland in the early years of the 20th century in search of a better life.


Distilled in the Irish county of Tipperary, Upperhand is a dry gin obtained from a double distillation process and based on a simple recipe created through the delicate mysteries of the distiller’s art. At its base are selected Italian and Irish botanicals such as Tuscan juniper berries, Ligurian basil, Sicilian lemon peels and Irish dill that are present in its rich bouquet, defining the taste.


Transparent and clear, the gin is characterised by the intense aroma of juniper, accompanied by a citrus note and a finish where hints of basil and dill emerge. It is surprising, versatile and always at its best. This is perfection, crafted through simplicity.


Upperhand means believing in yourself, defying the odds, gaining an advantage when nobody thought it possible. Knowing that your own journey makes you special. You may not expect it, but you’ll understand the mystery just as soon as you sip it. It is a gin that takes a different path.