Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Company Profile

Welcome to a world where all your wildest dreams not only come true, but come to life. On a Royal Caribbean holiday, it’s the unimaginable that sets us apart.

Whether that’s wowing you with our robotic bartenders, dazzling you with our 30-foot giraffes or thrilling you with breathtaking destinations – we’re always blowing the doors off the sensible.

The only thing ‘vanilla’ about us is our ice cream – and even that’s served with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

In the face of breaking with tradition, we’ve always said: why not? From the very first voyage in 1968, our founders decided to rebel against old-fashioned cruises.

We were the first to offer more capacity by ‘stretching’ our ships and, amazingly, we were the first to bring skydiving and bumper cars onboard. And not forgetting, we opened the world’s first exclusive resort for a cruise line in Labadee.

Even now, 50 years on, we’re still at the forefront of pushing boundaries and bringing extraordinary to life in everything we do.