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Ethos Farm is an award-winning consultancy with offices in London and New York. At the heart of the business is a desire to help organisations create and grow the right company ethos through their workforces, whether front-line customer facing staff, management or business leaders. The ethos of Ethos Farm is that ‘the people who represent your company are your most important brand ambassadors and that is why we help to unleash their power and potential’.

The consultancy offers expertise in customer experience and service design, the embedding of great service principles through engaging and immersive training and the reinforcement of service messages through unique technology applications. In the Americas, the business offers staffing solutions for travel retail and globally Ethos Farm offers managed agent solutions for travel retail staffing and performance optimisation.

Ethos Farm was selected as the Gatwick Diamond New Business of the Year 2019 and has also recently won two Moodies Airport Digital and Social Media Awards for Best Employee Engagement Technology and Best Use of Mobile, as well as being the current holder of the Frontier Technology Innovator of the Year 2018. Last year Ethos Farm was selected as a Lloyds Bank National Business Awards Top 10 UK New Business of the Year.

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