Award Categories

For the 2018 Wave Awards we will have a total of 32 categories to enter. Entries to these categories will be judged by our panel of experts from across the industry. The categories are divided into five areas:

    • Cruise Line categories – specifically to recognise across the board excellence in certain types of cruise. For example, river or adventure.
    • On-Board categories – to reward those cruise lines that excel in specific aspects of the cruise experience. For example, entertainment or cuisine.
    • Agent categories – specifically to recognise and reward both companies and individuals selling cruise.
    • Industry categories – these categories are open to cruise lines, agents, suppliers and associated partners like marketing and advertising agencies. For example Best Transfer Service or Best Advertising, Marketing or PR campaign.
    • Ports & Destinations categories – these categories are open to any port (UK or otherwise), tourist board or destinations representative and also individual attractions either in their own right or in conjunction with a cruise line or shore excursion operator. Categories include Best UK departure port and Best Attraction/Excursion

It costs £95 to enter one category, with each subsequent entry costing just £75. Companies that enter 5 categories will also not have to pay at all to enter a sixth category.

In addition to the above, The Wave Awards has 7 awards called its Passenger Favourites which are publicly voted with no entry required.

Award Categories

Cruise Line Categories

Ports & Destination Categories

On Board Categories

Industry Categories

Agent Categories

Passenger Favourites Categories

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