Best Retail Agent

High-street agents are as important today as they have always been. They offer the personal touch, and the best provide exceptional customer service, finding the perfect cruise for each client’s needs and budget. Whether they’re helping a customer who’s new to cruise or finding exactly the right dates and itinerary for a loyal cruiser, the best retail agent will work tirelessly to drive client satisfaction as well as sales. They also use every tool available to learn as much as they can about the cruise industry, so they can sell it effectively to customers, many of whom just walk in off the street, looking for holiday inspiration. The best agent attends events and fam trips and does everything possible to ensure they know as much about cruise as the lines themselves. They are an important cruise asset on the front line of travel sales.

The judges are looking for your entry to demonstrate how your customer service, store innovations, core product knowledge and personal touch help drive customer satisfaction and sales.

Best Non-Retail Agent

People in the UK now spend more time online than sleeping – that’s nine hours a day – so it makes sense for agents to be talking to them about cruise on multiple platforms. The best non-retail agent has all the qualities of a traditional retail agent – including flawless customer service and exceptional knowledge – but they will be able to advise online, have call-centre staff and make the best use of multiple platforms to showcase products and sell to customers.

The judges are looking for your entry to demonstrate how your customer service and multiple platform innovation helps drive customer satisfaction and sales.

Best Online Agent

Offering the best advice, exclusive deals and competitive prices, the best online agent can focus on listening to customers’ needs to give them exactly what they want. From transfers through to pre- and post-cruise stays, bespoke itineraries and last-minute deals, the best online agent uses all their technological tools to deliver the perfect cruise to a large audience, but does it with a personal touch.

The judges are looking for your entry to demonstrate how your customer service and online innovation helps drive customer satisfaction and sales. You should clearly be able to show how you communicated these, to both the market and the trade.

Best Agent Consortia or Home-working Agency

The best consortia and homeworking agencies are important to the cruise industry because they not only support independent agents and homeworkers but also ensure they have all the knowledge and tools available to sell more cruise. Consortia and homeworking agencies provide training, information, and negotiate with cruise lines to get the best deals to pass on to customers.

The judges are looking for your entry to demonstrate how you support, motivate and equip independent agents and homeworkers with the latest tools and knowledge to make more cruise sales. We also want to see how your negotiations with the cruise lines help drive customer satisfaction and sales at the best price.

How To Enter

Entering is very easy. The 2019 awards open for entries on 11 July and the deadline is 19 October. Register your details now to create an account, and you will then see the entry forms.

Write your entry offline using the headings provided, and read the judges’ recommendations to help you focus your submission.

Once you’re ready, complete the entry form and upload the supporting material (photos, videos and other documents up to 5MB). Your entry form can also include URL links.

Submit your entry and pay the entry fee of £99+VAT per category online. If you enter five categories, you get a sixth one free. You will receive an email confirmation of your entry.