Cruise Line Categories

All entrants will be required to prepare a submission paper of up to 1500 words, with supporting images or links to video material, which must be uploaded to the website when completing the online entry form. Space is provided on the entry form for a 150-word summary of the entry, which the organisers will use in any publication about the finalists or winning entries. Your submission should include any information about your cruise line that you feel will enable the judges to understand your claims for the eligibility period from September 1, 2015 – October 31, 2016.  This is your story, to be told the way that shows off your cruise line to the optimum. It may help you to follow this template for section headings in your 1500-word submission:

  1. Aims for your cruise line covering the eligibility period (e.g. challenges to be faced, passenger growth, brand re-positioning, on board improvements)
  2. Strategic steps taken to help achieve your cruise line’s ambitions
  3. Implementation of new initiatives or completion of improvements (e.g. from marketing to staff training; or from refurbishment of accommodation to re-equipping for audio-visual)
  4. Summary of achievements and appropriate evaluation
  5. A simple statement about why your cruise line should win a Wave Award
  6. Links to photographs, marketing material or video files (please provide URLs)
  • Best Ocean Cruise Line
  • Best River Cruise Line
  • Best Luxury Cruise Line
  • Best Premium Cruise Line
  • Best Family Cruise Line
  • Best Adventure Cruise Line
  • Best Specialist Cruise Line
  • Best Value for Money Cruise Line
  • Best New Cruise Ship Launch (Ocean or River)
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